• Zachary McKenzie

Wedding Sand Ritual

Some couples want to incorporate a unity ritual into their wedding ceremony. A unity ritual is a symbolic ritual that visually represents the vows that were made in front of friends and family. It shows the blending of two lives becoming one. While there are many different unity rituals, the sand ritual is one of my favorites. In fact, my wife and I incorporated a sand ritual into our wedding ceremony.

The sand ritual is quite simple. It involves the couple pouring their individual sand into a single container. The sand used can be based on a favorite color, wedding colors, or even sands from your favorite beach. My wife and I used colors that went with the colors chosen for the wedding. Friends of ours blended sands from beaches significant to their relationship. No matter the sand and containers used, a sand ritual is a perfect way to represent your union.

After your wedding ceremony, you will have that container as a reminder of the blending of your lives. We had kept ours on our mantle for many years. The significant in this is that the blended sand still shows the individual colors meaning that all though you have come together in union both are still unique and distinguishable from the other.

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